Russian Fashion Week Showcase

70 designers showcase at Russia Fashion Week

April 03, 2013 (Russia)

Around 70 designers belonging to nations like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Spain and the UK showcased their winter-2013-14 collections at the just concluded 26th edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow.
Seasoned and young promising designers like Alyona Akhmadulina, Tatjana Parfenowa, Vilshenko, Fyodor Golan, Timur Kim, Olya Schichowa and Ria Keburia displayed their exquisite ensembles during the five-day-long event.
The veteran Russian fashion designer Slava Zaitsev opened the soiree with his latest autumnal designs based on earthy tones with occasional flashes of red and orange. The 75-year-old’s line included full skirts, short dresses, off-shoulder floor gowns and collared button down shirts.
The event also featured a special runway programme, Domus Academy Collective Show, presented by the four alumni of the famous Milan-based fashion institute Domus Academy-Cora Maria Bellotto (Italy), Tea Chakhnashvili (Georgia), Yana Kushnareva (Russia) and Alina Bianca Ciobotaru (Romania). 
The four young designers from the Italian institution showcased their silk, wool, leather and fur based collections inspired by French abundance, architectural forms and costumes of alchemists and priests.


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Pippa Middleton Russian Sable Fur Hat

Pippa Middleton turns on the style at Cheltenham Festival

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pippa Middleton brought a touch of glamour to Cheltenham festival today with a stunning mustard military style coat, a Russian 'Cossack' fur hat and a dashing man to boot.

Pippa, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, arrived for day three of the famous National Hunt Festival meeting in Cheltenham today as the sun warmed the chilly Gloucestershire air.

  1. ‚ÄčCheltenham - Pippa Middleton arrives

Sporting trademark oversized sunglasses, brown suede boots and the £815 Katherine Hooker London Tori coat, Pippa clearly got into the action at Cheltenham.

The double-breasted coat is part of a new collection by Katherine Hooker - an upmarket Chelsea-based design company.

Pippa was accompanied by former Bristol University student, Tom Kingston, 35, a former banker with Schroders.

Zara Phillips - a regular at Cheltenham - enjoyed another day of racing action at the Prestbury Park racecourse with her husband, Gloucester player Mike Tindall.

Today is traditionally designated an honorary "St Patrick's Day" at Cheltenham when tens of thousands of racing fans from the Emerald Isle descended on the Gloucestershire town to enjoy the action.


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Ralph Lauren Fur Fashion Show Russian Furs

Romantic Lauren, military Klein to end NY fashion week

A model wears designs by Ralph Lauren during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013 collections on February 14, 2013 in New York. Ralph Lauren's romantic Russian furs and silk dresses for next winter and Calvin Klein's military accents brought New York Fashion Week to a close Thursday in contrasting style and luxury.

A model wears designs by Calvin Klein at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week February 14, 2013 in New York. Ralph Lauren's romantic Russian furs and silk dresses for next winter and Calvin Klein's military accents brought New York Fashion Week to a close Thursday in contrasting style and luxury.

AFP - Ralph Lauren's romantic Russian furs and silk dresses for next winter and Calvin Klein's military accents brought New York Fashion Week to a close Thursday in contrasting style and luxury.

Lauren unbottled a dose of Russian soul in his fur hats, black peaked caps and long velvet dresses.

Silk shirts and high-waisted trousers, high boots and big-buckled belts: this was a romantic journey in elegant dark shades and white by the veteran US trendsetter, who was rewarded with a standing ovation.

Held under enormous lights in a Chelsea loft, Lauren's show featured cashmere turtlenecks, embroidered collars, and blends of silk and leather. Sumptuous evening wear saw deep red velvet dresses that wouldn't look out of place on the sofas of a snowbound Russian palace.

By contrast, Klein's show near Times Square exuded confidence and a touch of military precision, with big, manly coats, large-buckled belts, leather dresses and shining boots.

The last show in the Big Apple was due to come from the reliably unpredictable Marc Jacobs, wrapping up some 300 shows before the fashion cavalcade moves to London, Milan and Paris.

Jacobs' show was even more keenly awaited than usual after a supply snafu and a snowstorm forced him last week to announce the postponement of his scheduled Monday show to Thursday.

Even before the big three brought down the final curtain, there were already a myriad of season's trends emerging in the eight days of catwalk shows.

Fashionistas saw the sophistication of Alexander Wang, shortly off to head Balenciaga, the subtle architecture of Vera Wang, and the military-inspired aesthetics of Prabal Gurung -- not to mention the Rodarte sisters' grunge chic.

More generally, these were collections for autumn-winter 2013-14 brimming with furs, leathers, masculine jackets, big, round-shouldered coats, and high-heeled thigh-high boots.

One highlight was the Oscar de la Renta show, where fashion watchers noted a distinct hint of John Galliano, the disgraced former Dior designer who has been spending time with de la Renta.

Stylesight fashion director Sharon Graubard said "minimalism" and "clean shapes were key," with collections tending to be based around design, rather than broader references.

Even if Michael Kors upset the balance a little with his bright oranges and New York taxi yellows, black was back in a big way.

"For color, and not surprising for New York, there was black on black on black," Graubard told AFP.

"Even designers not usually associated with black -- like Reed Krakoff, the Mulleavy sisters at Rodarte, and Vera Wang -- showed nearly all-black collections."


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Russian Money Buying Fur Coats Fur Jackets

RPT-In Cyprus port, Russian money flows freely

Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:00am EST

(Repeats story from Friday, no change in text)

* Cypriot port caters to wealthy and middle-class Russians

* Locals, Russians deny accusations of money laundering in Cyprus

By Deepa Babington

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Feb 24 (Reuters) - In this seaside Cypriot town, an image of the Kremlin's onion domes adorns the doors of a local mini-market, Ferraris stand ready for hire by wealthy Russians and shops selling mink coats line streets drenched in warm Mediterranean sunshine.

Home to over 30,000 Russians who began flocking to Cyprus after the Soviet Union's collapse and catering to many more tourists each year, locals jokingly refer to the town, complete with Russian signs and schools, as "Limassolgrad".

"Cyprus is a fantastic place to do business from - people are friendly and for Russians it's very convenient because every single person in Limassol speaks some Russian," said Vadim Romanov, a 28-year-old Russian property developer who says he also has business interests in restaurants in the town.

"It's like I never left Russia."

Limassol, in the Greek speaking Cypriot south, epitomises the love affair between two Orthodox Christian nations that can be traced back to Byzantine times and is now underpinned by deep financial ties.

But those ties are coming under unprecedented scrutiny by European policymakers who question whether Cyprus is a hub for Russian money laundering, while pressing Moscow to extend its 2.5-billion euro loan to help the island avoid bankruptcy.

Eye-popping amounts of cash wash between the two countries every year - several times Cyprus's 18-billion-euro national income - as Russians take advantage of a treaty that lets them pay the island's low tax rates but also raising suspicions among some EU states that complex transfers are used to launder money that was illegally earned or on which more tax should be paid.

Cyprus - which will elect a president in a run-off vote on Sunday - is still waiting on EU aid eight months after asking for help, with a bailout held up partly on German fears that the euro zone could inadvertently be bailing out wealthy Russians who have parked their money in financial institutions in Cyprus.

Eurozone finance ministers commissioned a private report this month into the island's anti-money laundering safeguards but the suggestion of illicit money flowing through Cyprus provokes reactions ranging from perplexity to fury in Limassol, where some think the EU is looking for excuses not to help out.

Allegations of money laundering are hotly denied by Cyprus, which says it got top marks in assessments by independent review bodies, such as Moneyval, an arm of the Council of Europe.

"They are making a very big injustice against Cyprus," said Andreas Neocleous, a top Cypriot lawyer who has been involved in Russian deals since setting up a Moscow office in 1991.

"In this very small neighbourhood and very small society, even a transfer of an amount of half a million (dollars) is known to everybody. So where is the money-laundering?"

Cyprus has dismissed the idea, aired in international media, that losses may be imposed on banks as a condition for EU aid. But Neocleous said some Russians saw a "red lamp" and began pulling money out, although others saw no sign of an exodus.

Like many on the island, Neocleous accuses fellow Europeans of hypocrisy, saying Europe and the United States take a much bigger share of Russian business than Cyprus.

"Russian business is a very big cake. Cyprus takes out of this cake ... nothing," he said. "It's not even sitting at the table - it takes some rubbish that falls on the ground."


European misgivings focus on why tiny Cyprus is such a big magnet for Russian money.

Russian banks held $9 billion of their deposits abroad in Cyprus at end-2011. Over the last five years Cypriot entities accounted for $60 billion, or 23 percent, of foreign direct investment into Russia, while 30 percent of Russian investment abroad was in Cyprus, according to Russian central bank data.

That means Cyprus - which accounted for 28 percent of the FDI stock in Russia at the end of 2011 - astonishingly invests five times the size of its economy in Russia, the central bank data, cited this month in a report by Morgan Stanley, showed.

In reality, the links are more virtual than real, and the ultimate owner of most of Russian FDI tends to be Russian since many Russian owners simply structure firms as a Cypriot parent owning a Russian unit, Morgan Stanley said.

In other words, few Russians are investing in physical assets in Cyprus - beyond some villas and yachts - and few Cypriots are investing heavily in Russia. The figures simply reflect the flow of cash from Russia to Cyprus and back again.

Both sides say there is nothing dubious about it. The use of such vehicles is driven by factors like a 1998 Russia-Cyprus tax treaty that lets Russians pay a low 5-percent rate on dividends, the former British colony's use of English law, a reputation for "light touch" regulation and Russian political risk.

By parking assets on the island, Russians still wary of the state after 70 years of communism can also hope to shield their savings from the risk of future confiscation, analysts say.

But complex transfers cloud the origins and ownership of funds in a way familiar to money laundering investigators the world over and has fueled suspicions among wealthier EU states that Cyprus's appeal for Russians is not entirely healthy.

Just last week, the head of Russia's central bank complained that $49 billion was siphoned abroad last year - 2.5 percent of the national income - as result of illegal transactions, ranging from bribes and drug deals to tax evasion.


In his glass-walled office decked with large flat screens, Russian businessman Romanov says Cyprus's appeal is more simple than sinister.

Tax efficiency, sunny weather, a short four-hour flight from Moscow, ease in getting a visa - or permanent residency if one buys property for over 300,000 euros ($400,000)- and an established community that includes four Russian schools and two radio stations, all put Cyprus ahead of other centres, he says.

"From the time I step out of the door of my apartment in Moscow to the time I walk in my office here, the total trip is about 5-6 hours," he said. "It takes longer for me to drive from my apartment in Moscow to my country house."

Romanov said his Russian clients continued to show strong interest, expecting the euro zone to keep Cyprus afloat, and expressed confusion over the fuss about possible money-laundering.

If any Russians evaded tax by bringing money here - and he says he is convinced his clients do not - it is an issue for Russia, he says, rather than for Cyprus or for Germany, whose taxpayers will have to pay for the bulk of any EU bailout.

At any rate, most of the Russians buying properties here are middle-class, he says, with a budget of between 250,000-500,000 euros, rather than wealthy oligarchs.

"So what money-laundering are we talking about? Of 300,000 euros?" the fresh-faced entrepreneur says with a laugh. "If they want to go after the rich Russians - go to London or Germany."

London in particular is a favoured destination for Russia's super-rich, seeking homes worth tens of millions of dollars.


The influence of Russian money is plainly visible in Limassol, where large billboards in Russian advertise seaview apartments and villas with infinity pools.

At his fur shop near the seafront where minks and fox fur coats retail for up to 3,000 euros, Andreas Charalambous proudly describes his clientele: "One hundred percent Russian".

Further down the road, a car rental agency two years ago began offering Ferraris and Porsches for 1,500 euros a day, mainly to Russian tourists, whose numbers have more than doubled from three years ago to over 474,000 last year thanks to an online visa process.

"There is huge tourism from Russia and they want supercars. Many of them have supercars at home in Russia but don't get the chance to use them," said Savvas Savva, its marketing manager.

"We combine sunshine, nice routes and of course an open roof - they always want the roof down because they can't at home."

Many of the swanky yachts docked at Limassol's marina are owned by Russians, who have also snapped up luxury seaview condos in high-rises where prices start at over 1 million euros.

Gated communities - a novelty for a country with low crime levels - have also begun popping up around town, many with private pools and central heating - all unusual for Cypriots.

"For the same amount of money for an apartment in Moscow you can buy a villa near the beach here," said Christos Panagi, a Cypriot high-end property developer who showed off freshly painted townhouses with tidy gardens. Like many Cypriot men, he is married to a Russian and employs Russian speakers.

"The Russian community here feels itself a part of Cyprus," said Natalia Kardash, editor of the Vestnik Kipra weekly, one of two Russian newspapers in Cyprus. "You can't find a Cypriot who doesn't know at least one word of Russian."

Many of the Russian families in Limassol are like those of Svetlana Vasileva, a 42-year-old former accountant from Moscow. Her husband does business in Russia but moved his family here so their three children could enjoy an English school education in the former British colony, where English remains widely spoken.

"Cyprus has the best climate, the sea is very near, and Cypriots are Orthodox Christians like Russians," said Vasileva, as she sat in her seaview apartment adorned with black and white family photos from Russia. She has found Cypriots to be friendly, enjoys concerts and picnics with other Russians here and attends Russian services at a Greek Cypriot church.

"Life in Cyprus is like in a village - it's very slow," she said with a chuckle. "I'm planning to stay here all my life."

($1 = 0.7598 euros) (Additional reporting by Stelios Orphanides in Limassol, Douglas Busvine in Moscow and Jan Strupczewski in Brussels; Editing by PhilippaFletcher)


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Russian Furs Designer Fabulous Furs

LFW: Eudon Choi Show Report


Photos: Lily Grant

From Russia With Love seems an appropriate tagline for Eudon Choi’s latest collection. The main influence behind the collection was David Lean’s ‘Doctor Zhivago’, and there were hints throughout the collection of both peasant and bourgeois clothing from the time of revolutionary Russia. Models wandered down the catwalk to a live klezmer band that also played as the eager audience filed into the petite Portico Showrooms at Somerset House. The collection had a wonderfully couture feel about it; particularly with the beautiful floral headscarves worn in true babushka style designed by Piers Atkinson. Some were worn full of bright blooms framing the face, whilst other models wore the oversized flowers on a headband in a vibrant halo. Details like this were truly stunning.

Shoes too were not left plain; they were adorned with oversized pom-poms at the heels. Choi also experimented with a new form of embellishment called Crystal Rocks by Swarovski. A delightfully mesmerizing dropped waist dress with pockets at the hips in a knotted blue and white jacquard stripe was gilded with golden Swarovski flowers.

The colour choices expressed richness – deep burgundy, head to toe vibrant red, and beautiful Russian Blue. The fabrics too were luxurious; the leatherwork, which is always a large part of Choi’s work, in particular was outstanding. Choi gained his experience in menswear and he is known for masculine style; the mannish coats stood out in this AW13 collection. The fur paneled coat, something we saw a lot of this season, in deep blue was a showstopper as was the pink knit jacket with the warm burgundy leather paneling.

This collection was full of charm, it was strong, whimsical, luxurious and a pleasure to watch.


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Furs Selling Strong Russia

Fur in comeback among followers of fashion with chic new styles

Updated: 2013-03-04 10:44

By Li Woke (China Daily)




Fur in comeback among followers of fashion with chic new styles

A saleswoman at her fur coat shop in Beijing. According to the International Fur Trade Federation, China is now the world's largest fur production and consumption market. [Photo/China Daily] 

Zhang Di, a 27-year-old policewoman based in Heilongjiang, received her first wedding gift last month. Instead of a traditional present such as a piece of gold jewelry, she was given a white, knee-length mink fur coat by her husband.

"Furs are a must-have for girls in Northeast China. It's like Barbie or a luxury handbag in the United States. Wearing fur is a fantastic way to stay active and chic," smiled Zhang.

Zhang and her husband are not wealthy enough to splash out the 20,000 yuan ($3,210) the coat cost on a regular basis but Zhang was very happy about this occasional show of extravagance.

"I need it to fight against the bitter winter here, which can reach minus 30 to minus 40 degrees Celsius," said Zhang. "Also, wearing fur signals wealth so it tells everyone I am having a good life."

"It's not just women. Young men also like fur," said Hu Bin, from Changchun, capital city of Northeast China's Jilin province. "Look at the men wearing fur on the streets. Although most of them look like bears, they still love to show off. "

As a result of the country's rising demand, the level of fur production in Northeast China has been increasing steadily by 10 percent a year since 2004, industry experts said.

According to the International Fur Trade Federation, since 2011, China has become the world's largest fur production and consumption market. Last year, global fur sales reached a record high of $15 billion worldwide, from $14 billion in 2011.

The Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and South Korea are showing particularly significant gains, while in Europe and North America, turnover increased as pelt prices at auction reached record highs. Fur sales in Asia hit $5.3 billion, a year-on-year increase of 10 percent, which reflected a general trend in the luxury goods sector, said the London-based fur trade federation.

"China's swelling fur demand is not only for expensive fur garments but also for trims on wool sweaters or cuffs on leather gloves," said Mike Oaten, chief executive officer of the federation.

"During the week-long Spring Festival shopping spree, which fell on Jan 9, sales of fur coats jumped at least 30 percent," said Zheng Zi, a fur garment seller in Zhejiang province. Her store provided a large discount of 50 percent or even 80 percent off, but Zheng said expensive fur coats, which generally cost more than 20,000 yuan, are still not affordable for most customers.

Industry experts said around 10 years ago most buyers in China were from neighboring Russia, where many people bulk up against the freezing winter by wearing fur. Now the number of Chinese fur lovers is greatly increasing.

"The fashion is leading the market. The combination of new techniques with trim and light fur and use of color is very popular on the catwalks. It has come together to create a real excitement in the market," Oaten said.

In recent years, designers in New York, Milan and London have increased the number of their designs in fur, bringing it back into fashion.

Oaten added China has a different taste profile for fur. An increasing number of Chinese customers are fond of lighter colors and chic designs. Westerners tend to prefer brown or black with a classic design.

"People have developed a voracious appetite for fur of all kinds, including mink, fox, rabbit and raccoon," said Zheng a fur garment seller in Zhejiang province.

"In terms of color and style, pink, green and white are very popular. Young customers tend to buy slim cuts rather than the old loose style," Zheng added.

Zheng said even though sales have been increasing over the past years as people's living standards have improved, the cost of fur has also risen because of the rising cost of the raw material and labor.

"The price of fur clothing kept climbing over the past several years with a year-on-year growth rate of 20 percent at least," said Spark Fang, marketing executive of Sagafurs, a Finland auction house.

Despite the rising cost and shrinking profit, Zheng is still optimistic about the future outlook of his business.

"Most buyers are white collar workers. They want to own a piece for special occasions. I think their numbers will be expanding," said Zheng.

In January, the 39th China Fur and Leather Products Fair was held in Beijing. It attracted a number of European and American wholesalers looking for better commercial fashion garments and accessories. More than 300 fur companies attended the fair and filled the main exhibition halls.

"The mild winter and slow economy affected the sales of mink and other luxury fur garments in Europe and North America but sales in China have been growing, both for fur garments and fur accessories," said one garment seller surnamed Zhao from Nanjing city.

"There is no more dynamic, growing, exciting and successful country than China," said Oaten. "Owing to rising incomes and urbanization, fur consumption in 250 Chinese second-tier cities will be strong in the next 10 years."

According to the China Leather Association, the Chinese bought 1.5 million fur coats in 2010 out of the 2.5 million sold worldwide. The country's market for pelts is expected to be worth 16.42 billion yuan by 2015.

"In the current economic climate these figures are stunning", said Oaten. "They show designers and customers are continuing their love affair with this beautiful, durable and natural product. I am confident we will see even stronger growth next year because prices at the most recent auctions are hitting record highs. This proves manufacturers are prepared to pay a premium for quality because people invest in luxury for the long term.

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